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Rob Knauerhase

Work contact info:
Intel Labs, Intel Corporation
E-mail: knauer (at) jf (dot) intel (dot) com
2111 NE 25th Ave., Mailstop JF2-60
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(503)264-0656, (503)264-2225 [fax]
Personal E-mail (or for home contact information): knauer (at) rdrop (dot) com

NOTE that this page is wildly out of date -- perhaps 8 years (or more depending on when you read this). Someday I will update it.

NOTE about other links to this page

You may have arrived at this page from clicking a reference to www.knauerhase.com, www.knauerhase.org, www.knauerhase.net, or www.knauerhase.us. For now, all these addresses point here. Someday, they will point to family pages for people named Knauerhase and people related to people named Knauerhase, along with geneaological informantion and miscellanea.

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